Balkans and Travel / Your Professional Guide to the Balkans

The Balkans is a region in eastern Europe. There are many different cultures, languages and historical settlements in this region. Therefore, the Balkans can be a very attractive destination for tourists. Balkan tours can usually include countries such as Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania and Greece. Among the places to be […]

Belgrade”Love, Romance, Movement and a very reliable wonderful city are waiting for you”

Belgrade is the capital and largest city of Serbia. Attractions may include: Kalemegdan Fortress: Located in the historical center of Belgrade, this fortress is a great place to enjoy the city view. Skadarlija: Skadarlija, Belgrade’s old town district, is famous for its restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. University of Belgrade: Built in the 19th century, […]

Prague Travel notes / Love and Adventure in Heart of Europe

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Croatia Travel Guide

In the past decade or so, Croatia has increased monumentally in popularity for international visitors so much so that it is now very well-cemented on a southern European tourist trail. And while tourists the world over are flocking to the city walls of Dubrovnik or the vibrant streets of Zagreb, there is still a lot to know […]

For your planned trip to Sarajevo…

Sarajevo might well be the most interesting and tourist-friendly cities in the Balkans, however, it sees only a fraction of the visitors that neighbouring Croatia or nearby Slovenia receive. This is a shame as Sarajevo is not only an incredibly historic city with an interesting and heartbreaking past, but it is also one of the most beautiful, eclectic, and […]

Prague Christmas Market

Christmas markets are a key ingredient of the festive magic in Prague and praised for most beautiful season markets in Europe. Brightly decorated wooden huts, with local handicrafts and traditional treats, followed by warm cinnamon sweets and mulled wine scents. The Christmas magic begins here in Prague! Check out other Chrismas breaks in Europe, and start […]

Tallinn Christmas Market

Enjoy a delightful winter break to charming Tallinn, where the Old Town is transformed into a festive market place. Stay at the classy Old Town hotel, enjoy seasonal concerts, wonderful dining and a charming holiday atmosphere. Tallinn Christmas Market takes place on Town Hall Square from 01 December 2022 – 06 January 2023. Please contact us for […]

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SCENICAdriatic is home to dense, vibrant neighborhoods where golden beaches and bustling city streets lead up to flower-carpeted hillsides, and huge, deep-blue skies for lingering sunsets made to pierce your heart. TOURISMMostar Bridge, Dubrovnik old town, National Park Plitvice, the Tara Canyon, Ohrid Lake – these are all tourist hotspots for a reason…because they’re interesting, […]