In the past decade or so, Croatia has increased monumentally in popularity for international visitors so much so that it is now very well-cemented on a southern European tourist trail. And while tourists the world over are flocking to the city walls of Dubrovnik or the vibrant streets of Zagreb, there is still a lot to know about visiting this beautiful Balkan nation. If you’re planning a visit, this Croatia travel guide will give you all of the best information and knowledge about how to plan the best trip to this nation as possible.

One of the biggest considerations that needs to be addressed first in foremost in any Croatia travel guide is planning out the ideal route for your trip. Though it can look like a small country, Croatia has a lot to offer visitors and you can easily spend many weeks or months and still not be able to see everything you would like to see. That’s why planning the perfect itinerary early on is essential to ensuring you have the best trip to this Balkan nation possible.

Whether you’re looking to explore the highlights of Dalmatia, island-hop in the Adriatic, explore the coast or enjoy the hill towns and gastronomy of Istria, there are numerous different routes in Croatia that can appeal to any travel style or personality. With so much to see and do in this beautiful country, figuring out the most efficient and ideal route for you is of the utmost importance.

We spent 10 days just exploring the northern region of Istria and still felt there was more to see in that small pocket of Croatia after we were done! 

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Croatia’s booming popularity means that once less-trodden cities and national parks are now getting a lot more visitors than they once used to.

That means that when planning a trip to Croatia, you should be extremely conscious about the impact you are having when travelling to a particular place and minimise it. 

When visiting Dubrovnik, take the time to purchase a meal from a local restaurant. When visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park, keep to the marked paths and don’t leave any trash behind when you leave. Try and avoid visiting popular places in peak season so you lessen the burden on the destination.

Doing these things will ensure that Croatia remains a fantastic place to visit for years to come and locals benefit from the surge in tourism.